Ethics, Values and Information (EVI) at the University of Wisconsin-Madison

Ethics, Values and Information

The Ethics, Values and Information research group pursues scholarship in the intersections of ethics, law, and data and information technologies. The group is based in the Information School at the University of Wisconsin-Madison and includes faculty, staff, and students from the Law School, Bioethics and other departments.

EVI Members

Professor Alan Rubel (iSchool, Center for Law, Society & Justice)

Professor Kristin Eschenfelder (iSchool)

Distinguished Faculty Associate Dorothea Salo (iSchool)

Professor Anuj Desai (Law School)

EVI Students

Mariah A. Knowles, PhD student iSchool

Former EVI Students

Kyle Jones, Assistant Professor IUPUI School of Informatics and Computing

Mei Zhang, Postdoctoral Scholar Syracuse Univeristy iSchool